Aluprof stolarka okienna

The twenty-first century is the era of building new technologies and challenges related to the requirements for energy efficiency and ecology. Under the EU directive, from 2019 years the newly built public buildings, and two years later also all new buildings will have to have a near zero energy consumption. It also means the need to use wood joinery, which provides reduction of heat loss.

Launched in eighteenth-century England, the Industrial Revolution forever changed the picture of the world. With an economy based on agriculture and handicraft production, a long way to automated factories that produce huge amounts of products. Industrialization and its associated development helped to improve the quality of life of man but also contributed to the increase in air and water pollution and massive deforestation, which are the natural lungs of the Earth. In the twentieth century approach to environmental issues have changed considerably. This change is also evident in the construction industry, which successfully uses energy-efficient solutions, including modern joinery products.