MB-86Safety in buildings encompasses a wide range of concepts. One of these is security preventing unauthorized persons from penetrating specific walls of a building. One of the many projects which require a higher security level are penitentiaries which are characterized by specific conditions. Security, essentially, in these buildings depends not so much on preventing break-ins, but  on preventing escape.

Nevertheless, even in such buildings as penitentiaries and penal institutions windows without bars are possible – to a certain extent – to give the building a more “civilized” look. Special burglary-resistant windows enable this, their construction being focused on preventing inmates from escaping. Aluprof recommends the use of MB-86 RC3i windows in such cases. Their construction, apart from the obligatory set of components with burglary-resistant glass and hinges which prevent the window from being prised open, has additional screens securing it from  the inside. This prevents access to the glazing beading  fixing the glass in place and prevents the casement from being levered off. Concealed hinges have added solutions  to increase the safety level, including a detachable window handle and a cylinder lock. The classification of windows constructed in this manner confirms that they satisfy the requirements of class RC3 burglary-resistance windows regarding both static and dynamic loads, and manual break-in attempts from the inside.

MB-86 RC3i windows are yet another solution in the wide range of ALUPROF’s burglary-resistant constructions. Another suggestion of interest in this area is a window based on the MB-70 system, which has been tested with positive results and has burglary resistance class RC4 in accordance with EN 1627 standard.
Just as in the case of MB-70RC4, an important fact is that MB-86 RC3i windows are not based on a specialist construction, but on the basic MB-86 window system, which due to the innovative technical solutions used, also provides very effective  thermal insulation.